We take pride in growing our flowers, each plant is cared for and checked on daily by our cultivators. Let us introduce you to our lovely ladies!

SFV OG x Girl Scout Cookies

Super strong lndica to calm you down and get you lit. It’s a gas! This greenery is wakeful but heady. Imagine the stress of your day being taken away with the smells of a quiet pine forest, hints of sour tang, and that GAS.

Chem Dawg #91 x (Albert Walker x Tahoe OG x Alien OG)

Throught the redwoods and up into the mountains of DewPoint™ the Kings Range, DewPoint™ sits at the top of a ridge with epic sunset views. To get to where we are don’t forget to fill up on gass. Our gassy electric green OG won’t fill up your tank, but it will get you places. Our team likes to enjoy this heady indica hybrid at the end of the day or on the weekends.

Papaya X Purple Punch

Enjoy these terpene fruits with your coffee and prepare for the energizer bunny effect. With this motivating strain, you wont be able to sit still.

Banana X Purple Mayhem

Purple Banana is another perfect hybrid with even characteristics of both Indica and Sativa. Purple Banana is less sleepy, but with a strong high leaning to the Indica side of things at 60-70%. Purple Banana is beautiful in color, gooey, and tastes great when exhaled.

Papaya Punch Kief+ Dogwalker
OG Flower

Outlaw Infused Pre-Roll by DewPoint™ embodies decades of legacy techniques, combining delicious handcrafted Papaya Punch Kief with a seriously heady OG for a unique Outlaw experience. All cannabis
inputs grown by DewPoint™.

Terpenes and Possible Effects

Caryophyllene: pain relieving and
Limonene: helps with focus, lifts moods
Humulene: antibacterial, may terminate cancer cells

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