Strain Info

We take pride in growing our flowers, each plant is cared for and checked on daily by our cultivators. Let us introduce you to our lovely ladies!

Moonshadow X Banana OG

The award winning Candied Banana phenotype is an on-the-farm favorite! This scrumptious, gooey strain keeps us motivated and creative while maintaining a heady high that we love.

In House OG

Super strong Indica to calm you down and get you lit. It’s a gas! This greenery is wakeful, but heady. Imagine the stress of your day being taken away with the smells of a quiet pine forest, hints of sour tang, and that GAS.

Papaya X Purple Punch

Enjoy these terpene fruits with your coffee and prepare for the energizer bunny effect. With this motivating strain, you wont be able to sit still.

Banana X Purple Mayhem

Purple Banana is another perfect hybrid with even characteristics of both Indica and Sativa. Purple Banana is less sleepy, but with a strong high leaning to the Indica side of things at 60-70%. Purple Banana is beautiful in color, gooey, and tastes great when exhaled.

Purple Mayhem X Highland Oaxacan Gold

Smells like ripe fruit on a hot summer’s day. The unique fruity terpenes have pain-relieving qualities. Rebel Fruits has a calming, relaxing effect and is best used recreationally and in the evening. It grows like a Sativa, but smokes like an Indica.

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